Welcome 🕊

My name is Anya Belyaeva and I'm a wide spectrum guiding healer.

The healing that I practice is not a system with its own set of rules, it is the freedom to broadcast the flow of unconditional love from the source of existence, and to harmoniously resolve the needs of everyone who addresses - healing occurs exactly where it is needed and in the exact modality that's being requested.

My Services

Body therapy in Stockholm 

I use a combination of CranioSacral therapy, osteopathic techniques, fascia massage (with hands), and Biodynamic CST. This is not a classical or relaxing massage, but I guarantee a very deep relaxation of the whole body and the Central Nervous System. I always work with the whole body, including the face. No oils. Clothes can be on.

Often during body therapy sessions I spontaneously get in touch with some deeper, let's say for now, "energy" issues that result in dysfunctions in the body. This usually can be resolved in situ, sometimes in the form of emotional release. I never go deeper without the client's request or permission. 

75 mins - 400 SEK

.Jag pratar svenska. FriskvÄrd bidrag gÀller

 Ă–stermalm, Skeppargatan 6

 Dansterapi centrum

Transformation guiding 

It's an individually tailored program for 2-3 months to help you in your transformation. 

I will keep you company and will provide a safe space on your transformational Path.

I'm not a guru - I'm on my own journey of transformation and I use the help of other guides. I have been actively practicing spirituality since 2005 and I know that support without attachment, for a certain period of time, catalyzes processes and makes the transition harmonious.

Your program will include
- weekly online meetings of 2-3 hours combined with shorter or longer healing sessions.
- daily connect via audio and/or text messages 

- guided meditations recorded for you

Your program might include:
- online (and recorded) individual sessions with yoga/breathing/fascial gymnastics

- plans and reports of activities to bring more structure to your life

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Distant healing session 

The process of quantum healing is happening in the realms above 3D and 4D so space and time are not an obstacle. Quantum healing occurs when photons activate in different layers of the physical and subtle bodies, layers of consciousness and dimensions. I channel the light, client's subconscious and higher Self are doing the job.

We connect via audio and keep a conversation. I usually see a lot of images, the client sees them, too, or maybe something different or maybe nothing. Sensations in the body will be present. Every session is different. A session takes 1,5 - 2 hours. We will not end until the client feels wholesome (it's what healing is about), content, and harmonious.

After the session I provide 2-week support - you can contact me when you feel weird/sad/confused/panicking, etc., or just have a question. Shortly describe in audio or in text what's up. I will add my attention to your process with a strong intention for a harmonious positive result. You might not need it at all, your state might as well be amazing. This is my professional goal - that my clients feel elevated, charged, and amazing.

We connect in Telegram messenger.  

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✹You are very welcome for a free 15 mins conversation with me, audio or video, where you can ask me questions about the session, or anything at all, and I will do my best to answer them.✹

 Price is yours to decide, donation. 

Healing session off-line 

The process will be the same as in a distant audio session. Most of the time I will sit beside and guide the session. I might use some CST techniques to balance processes in the body.

500 SEK 90 min (FriskvÄrd )

Östermalm, Skeppargatan, 6. Dansterapi Centrum

Coaching in breathing 

It is now being said so much about the benefits of conscious breathing/breathwork, the Vagus Nerve, etc., that I have nothing to add. Just that I can conduct online/offline breathing sessions, combined with some yoga-like movements. But I would rather compound and record for you an individual program that you will practice at home. This is what I do for myself. Individualized regular practice is the most effective thing I know.

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1,5 hours that will change your life for good forever 

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Queries for a healing session - examples

Family matteres

- harmonize relations with family members, including those who might have already passed away
- recalibrate and get resources before or after a separation
- get a clearer understanding of what can be done for better family dynamics

Personal transformation 

- to set goals 

- to get a clear picture of where to go

- to understand and heal what's blocking 

- to realign with the Soul mission

- to step away from the paradigm of pain and suffering

- to unpack supernatural abilities 

- to accelerate transformation 

- to find motivation 

- to break patterns 

- to open up creativity 


- Diseases... I have no right to guarantee a cure.  But all diseases have their root cause and it can be in past incarnations, in this life, in ancestors lineage  - there are many options for energy distortions. But I take responsibility to show you this, to bring clarity, to heal the root causes. Also in the session, I balance your energy structure - it always adds to strength and calmness.

- Body therapy and healing can support the treatment of complex diseases, such as oncology, and greatly help with recovery.  I have such experience.

- you can go to the session without a clear request, just by the call of the Soul. The request will appear in the session.

What my clients say

Healing sessions med Anya Ă€r alltid magi i bokstavlig mening. Även om du gör dessa sessioner pĂ„ distans, som var i mitt fall.


Förutom det faktum att du redan under processen kommer att kÀnna hur ditt kÀnslomÀssiga tillstÄnd harmoniseras och du börjar finna frid och sjÀlvförtroende dÀr för en kort tid sedan kÀnde du dig förtvivlad och desperat, var beredd pÄ att inom kort kommer hÀndelserna runt dig utvecklas pÄ det mest ovÀntade och gynnsamma sÀtt!


Jag hade inte förvĂ€ntat mig att detta Ă€r MÖJLIGT och möjligt pĂ„ sĂ„ kort tid! Tack kĂ€ra du, att du kĂ€nner andra mĂ€nniskor sĂ„ djupt och subtilt och kan balansera inte bara det fysiska tillstĂ„ndet, utan ocksĂ„ det inre och rikta det yttre i rĂ€tt riktning!

I went through 2 sessions with Anya (with a difference of several months). In both cases, I came to the appointment half-bent, with pulling, and sharp pains in the sacrum, and came out with a light gait, with an absolute feeling, as if a stone slab had been removed from my spine and sacrum.

I guess, that, If you take the course with short breaks between sessions, the effect will be even more amazing and long-lasting. Anya has very light but warm hands and powerful energy - I felt such currents in the process of work and directly felt how the pain moved after the movement of her hands and dissolved. An exciting experience and, most importantly, effective! Thank you!!!!

SÄ tacksam att jag har hittat denna behandling som jag inte visste fanns men som jag nu insett att jag letat efter och behövt! SÄ lugnande, uppmjukande och balanserande! Tack Anya!

Before and After-care for Your Healing session

Drink a lot of warm water. Water is medicine

After the sesion it's best to take a nap (or go to sleep), take a walk or take a bath with epson or sea salt.  

Clean your space with a candle light and/or burn some herbs (Palo Santo, Sage, Artemesia vulgaris, Nettle)


How did it happen that a grand-child and daughter of Soviet/Russian diplomats, with 2 high educations ended up as a Healer

The short answer is that finally at the age of 40, I found my destiny. As a child, as a teenager, and as a grown-up I was highly sensitive and from a very early age, I was interested in how the human body functions. Later starting from the age of 20, it resulted in my addiction to yoga, a few years of extensive freediving, and numerous books, articles, retreats, and courses taken in such fields as psychology, neuroscience, cosmology, philosophy, metaphysics, meditation physiology, and anatomy. I could never find my comfortable place in the corporate world and for many years worked in the international culture, mostly with Vanguard and new media art, basically spending the corporate money from the sponsors,-). After moving to Sweden and becoming a mother, I started a career in the ideal sector. But mildly dramatic events made me finally accept my gifts: my extra sensitive hands, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. I continued my education in different modalities of body therapy and became a Dipl. CranioSacral therapist, continuing my education in Biodynamic CST and some other disciplines. I graduated from Ana Atman's school for healers "Open Life", and became a mentor there. I don't use any systems like NLP, hypnosis, Reiki, or like. But I understand the energetical anatomy and am pretty sure about the cosmology of our beautiful world and the place of Earth in it.

My dream is that during my lifetime what is being now labeled as "the alternative" merges with conventional science and medicine, people overcome the illusion of separation in all fields and humanity thrives in the 5th dimension.